Business Development & Network

Byron Chemical Company’s longstanding involvement in the pharmaceutical industry has enabled us to develop strong connections at the local and international level. Our network of partners in coordination with our business team, enable our clients to solidify their positions in the following areas:

  • Pipeline Development
  • Market Assessment
  • Risk Management
  • Supply and Distribution

Quite often this service area is associated with our standard business of sourcing and supplying pharmaceutical products. However, our core specialty has expanded to include targeted functions that have contributed to the success of our clients.

Product Life Cycle Management

Our global reach explores the overall use and lifecycle of your product / facilities. Our team will explore parameters such as cost control, alternate sourcing, regulatory requirements and potential transfers to cost effective contract manufacturing. In addition, we may consider the potential to expand market territories.

Divestiture of Product Assets

Should your company determine a need to refocus or adjust strategy, Byron Chemical can assist with finding prospective suitors for your particular asset.